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Mike Spicer

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ANT-MAN #5: How To Root For Marvel’s Little Guys

Out this week, hopefully in your local comic book shop, Ant-Man #5 is the final issue to a hidden gem of Marvel Comics. With...

Review: Best/Worst Father Daughter Bonding Ever In ANT-MAN #3

The hilarity of Ant-Man #3 is off the charts thanks to Zeb Wells, Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer, and VC’s Cory Petit. Though the issue...

NEBULA #2: Turning Over A New Leaf

Nebula #2 portrays a very different character, all while giving fans a combination of elements we never knew we needed.

Review: Hilarity Enlarges In ANT-MAN #2

Due to the efforts of Zeb Wells, Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer, and VC’s Corey Petit, Ant-Man #2 continues the solo adventure for the size-changing...

NEBULA #1 Begins Her Quest for Change (Or Victory)

Nebula #1 starts off the miniseries in a chaotic yet entertaining way, as Nebula battles her way through life – and danger – once again.

Review: ANT-MAN #1 Carries Giant-Size Comedy

Ant-Man #1 (of 5) hits your local comic book shop this week from Marvel Comics, and he’s got his daughter as a partner thanks...

Review: DEAD EYES #3 Brings Die Hard To The Hospital

Dead Eyes is gritty and realistic, dealing with hard hitting real life problems that are complicated by the destructive obsession of the protagonist.

Review: DEAD EYES #1 Proving You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

The story of Dead Eyes is a serious drama told in an entertaining, often humorous, manner. 

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 – Moon Knight Unlimited VS Kang The Conqueror

This week Marvel releases another issue in their "Acts Of Evil" campaign, pitting heroes against enemies they aren't used to facing. MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 sees Marc Spector on a chase through time against the mighty Kang The Conqueror.