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Jessica Jones Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg Is Leaving Marvel TV

There's a big shakeup in the works at Marvel TV. No doubt the Netflix division is having some changes. Creator Melissa Rosenberg is leaving Jessica Jones...

A Void Of Pop Culture Is Forming And Only The Supercon Team Can Stop It

Another year, another great convention -- Superon -- will open its doors in Florida. Not only is Supercon another great convention, but it is...

Review: LUKE CAGE Season 2 Sets The Standard For Other Marvel Shows

Outstanding performances from the cast plus a well-crafted narrative which weaves in themes that are both compelling and socially relevant reaffirm that Luke Cage is Marvel's best television show.

Latest LUKE CAGE Trailer Shows Mariah Dillard’s Plans for Harlem

The latest trailer for Luke Cage reveals Mariah Dillard’s (Alfre Woodard) plans for Harlem as she plans to rule as its queen. In the opening,...

LUKE CAGE Season 2 Trailer Shows ‘If It Ain’t Broke…’

Netflix dropped the trailer for season 2 for Luke Cage today and while it does look more of the same, it’s looking like it’s...

Watch: Marvel’s LUKE CAGE – Season 2 Official Trailer

Netflix dropped the first trailer to Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage Monday morning.

Review: Netflix’s JESSICA JONES Season 2 – Krysten Ritter Soars

Krysten Ritter gets the second season of Jessica Jones off to a roaring start and reminds fans why she is one of the best casting decisions Marvel has ever made.

‘The Defenders’ S1 Review: Heroes Unite (and it’s Only Alright)

Netflix and Marvel unite their titular heroes in The Defenders. Much like The Avengers films, the latest Marvel series unites its solo shows into a single mini-series. The product...

Netflix Has One Last ‘Defenders’ Trailer For you

'Marvel's The Defenders'on Netflix hits the streaming service in less than 17 hours, but you know you want one more trailer. With 41 reviews...
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