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BLACK WIDOW #1: How Her Story Lives On

Black Widow #1 is a bold and dynamic start to Nat's latest chapter, one that reminds fans her story is far from over.

Marvel Preview: Did Black Widow Join The Archer-verse In BLACK WIDOW #1 ?

Not much is clear about the current state of the MCU's Black Widow film, but Marvel Comics is moving full steam ahead with its...

Review: Wade Has The Ultimate Case Of FOMO In DEADPOOL #6

DEADPOOL #6, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, August 5th, is an exciting X-Men tie-in event featuring our favorite mercenary. It seems Wade...

How She Finds Her Freedom in STAR #5

Star #5 concludes the series in a dramatic way, while leaving the door open to continue her story.

Review: DEADPOOL #5 – Can Wade Save Manhattan?

DEADPOOL #5, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, June 10th, brings readers a story of monstrous proportions (which is saying something for the...

The Rematch of a Century is About to Occur in STAR #4

Star #4 brings about the rematch we've been waiting for, providing an epic battle and emotionally raw scenes.

A New Perspective in STAR #3

Star #3 brings Ripley Ryan's raw pain and anger to the forefront, reminding us that she is a human who has gone through significant trauma during this process.

The Cost of Power in STAR #2

Star #2 continues Ripley’s story, providing compelling reasons to care for the villainess fused with the Reality Stone.

Carol Choosing Her Own Resolution in CAPTAIN MARVEL: THE END #1

Captain Marvel: The End is the tale of Carol's final mission, it's emotionally compelling and powerful, and gives her the sendoff she deserves.
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