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Jonathan Hickman

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Review: EXCALIBUR #10 – Divided Loyalties and Broken Realities

The beginning of Excalibur #10 out this week from Marvel Comics might leave even the most devoted reader wondering, "Wait. Did I miss something?" When...

Review: NEW MUTANTS #10 – Where’s the Action?

New Mutants #10 proves that Rob Liefeld may have a good point about modern comics. Perhaps comics have gotten too...verbose. In theory, there's a lot...

Is PAX ROMANA Still Ahead Of It’s Time?

Pax Romana has a look that is heavily designed and orchestrated to produce a singular world from the cover to the very last page.

Review: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN NIGHTCRAWLER Visits A “Haunted” X-Mansion

GIANT-SIZE X-MEN NIGHTCRAWLER, available from Marvel on March 25th, takes the reader on a mutant adventure away from the shores of Krakoa. Magik, Nightcrawler,...

DECORUM #1 Begins A Tale of Assassins and Runners

Decorum #1 is a highly entertaining introduction to the most polite assassin you'll ever meet.

X-Men Comics Are Flooding The Shelves, But Are There Too Many?

The X-Men comics are definitely the best they have been for years, content wise, but the comics market is more than just content.

Review: EAST OF WEST #45 Featuring The End Of It All

you will be so wrapped up in the brilliance of everything that you’ll not have time to appreciate the exceptional work that has gone into producing it

Review: NEW MUTANTS #2 – Space Jail Never Looked So Fun

Join Marvel Comics' New Mutants as they battle the space legal system and join the Imperial Service this Wednesday in NEW MUTANTS #2! Court Date...

NEW MUTANTS #1 – Old Crew, New Space Adventure

Space travel, snappy dialogue, interpersonal/group conflict, and action are just a few of the many amazing things you'll find this Wednesday in Marvel Comics'...