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On Reading the 1st Year of Li’l Abner: Li’l Abner’s Villains

Whether Capp's pastiche is accurate or not is open to interpretation, but none can deny its charm or Capp's obvious devotion to his subject.

On Reading the 1st Year of Al Capp’s Li’l Abner: Meet the Yokums

Li'l Abner may be gigantic, but he doesn't get violent often. His mammy taught him to use his head first and his fists as a last resort. Rest assured that if Abner has to "smack yo' 'round a bit," then yo' deserve it.

Atlas’s Western Comics: An Old Idea with Some New Twists

So the next time some troubled fan of the Distinguished Competition tells you that Spider-Man is just a nerdy boy-scout type from Queens, you can tell them that they’ve got it all wrong; he’s really the Lone Ranger.

The Dusk of the Monster Age: The Rise & Fall of Space & Robot Comics

As a jaded comics historian looking back on the age of wonder and optimism that was the ’50s, my favourite comics are ones that feature artists and writers’ far-fetched visions of the future — robots and all — and a few of the best ones come from people you’re probably familiar with for other work they did.

Golden Age Black Canary – Fishnets and a Blonde Wig Go A Long Way

It’s 1947. The second world-war is over but the cold war is just beginning. Critics rave about David Lean’s film adaptation of Great Expectations....

Menace Comics Volume One: A Ghoulish Hardcover Review

Hello True Believers! The Atlas Comics Aficionado here to regale you with tales that will make you shiver with, you guessed it, fear! Let...

Truth: Red, White And Black – An Allegorical Retcon

Welcome back, True Believers! You've followed me The Timely Comics Watchamacallit on my merry chase of several Golden Age retcons! We've covered Roy Thomas...

The Invaders – Roy Thomas’s Take on Timely Comics

You've probably seen them in your local comic shops, collected editions of Roy Thomas's run on The Invaders. Starting with Giant-Size Invaders #1 (cover...

‘The Marvels Project’ – A Rigorously Researched Retcon

Five years ago Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting's eight-part mini-series The Marvels Project: Birth Of The Super Heroes hit the shelves. It's currently available in...