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Review: Get a Cosmic Master Class with THE HISTORY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE #1

With 80 years of continuity, reboots, alternate worlds, and conflicting origins in the can, the Marvel universe can get a little confusing. Parsing decades...

Review: A Driving Test Menaces The Team in FANTASTIC FOUR #11

In Fantastic Four #11, a new adversary threatened to defeat the heroes once and for all. The team was nearly defeated by... a driving test. 

FANTASTIC FOUR #10 Brings “War Of The Realms” To Yancy Street

What do you think of Franklin Richards' behavior?

Could Fox Be Rebooting Fantastic Four With A Spy Kids Tone?

Remember how the Fantastic Four aren't joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon? It appears that Marvel's First Family are getting yet another reboot, according...