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Longbox Legends: Remembering The Awe-Inspiring Battle In STAR WARS: VADER DOWN #1

VADER DOWN #1 was one of many new titles to come out of Marvel to celebrate its revitalization of the Star Wars franchise in...

Panel Breakdown: WOLVERINE #1 by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert & Frank Martin (Part 1)

Welcome to PANEL BREAKDOWN, a weekly series where we take a look at our favorite panels of a comic book. This week we are...

Review: EAST OF WEST #45 Featuring The End Of It All

you will be so wrapped up in the brilliance of everything that you’ll not have time to appreciate the exceptional work that has gone into producing it

Review: BERSERKER UNBOUND #2-The Quietest Barbarian Comic You’ll Ever Read

Berserker Unbound #2 is a semi-fresh take on the classic primitive meets present story with a superb creative team behind it. One of my...

Review: BERSERKER UNBOUND #1 – Bloody Heads Will Roll (And Arms And Legs…)

Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin bring the blood, sweat, and tears with Berserker Unbound. Do you love it when terrible people are relieved...

INFINITY WARS #5 Reveals Our True Antagonist

The cosmic crossover epic from writer Gerry Duggan continues. With multiple infinity stones, mashed-up heroes and unlikely team-ups; this easily digestible adventure is an absolute blast.

INFINITY WARS #1 & Our New Infinity Watch

Infinity Wars is here! The cosmic crossover story that Gerry Duggan has been building towards begins with our new Infinity Watch assembling.


Gerry Duggan's big cosmic crossover officially kicks off in Infinity Wars Prime. Mike Deodato and Frank Martin come aboard to set the table for an epic that'll last the rest of the summer.

VENOM #4 Review: Cates and Stegman are Symbiotic

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman use their symbiotic relationship to creatively intertwine story and art together giving readers an epic new creation story for...