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Comic Book Retailers React To The DC Comics / Walmart Exclusive Partnership

Last Friday, DC Comics announced an exclusive partnership with Walmart, the publisher will begin selling “100-page giant comics” at Walmart starting July 1.

Marvel Killed [SPOILER] In Secret Empire #7 And Nobody Cares

Marvel's Secret Empire #7 debuted today, and if you haven't been reading you may want to move along. Seriously. You sure? All right then. Don't say we didn't warn...

The 5 Best ‘Image Comics’ Books Under 10 Issues

Image Comics is a powerhouse in publishing right now. Marvel may be rocking the superhero world, but Image is putting out the most consistently good...

One Man Offends Every Comic Book Creator In A Single Email

If you are an aspiring comic book artist or a writer, you're probably going to deal with a lot of rejection. That is just...