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Going Back to Cybertron: IDW to Relaunch TRANSFORMERS

A new and revamped Transformers series via, IDW Publishing, will give fans a look as to what exactly led to the fall of Cybertron. The...

Bumblebee Trailer Review: The First Good Transformers Movie?

In this episode of Kieran's Movie Space, Kieran discusses and reviews the brand new trailer for Paramount's upcoming Transformers prequel/reboot, Bumblebee. If you like what...

New BUMBLEBEE Trailer With 80s Shockwave and Optimus Prime

Paramount Pictures released the second trailer for Bumblebee Monday morning, which featured classic looking Transformers including; Optimus Prime, Shockwave, and Starscream. About the film: On...

BUMBLEBEE: John Cena Does His Best To Not Insult The Previous Transformers Films

At San Diego Comic-Con International, WWE Superstar John Cena talked about his next film BUMBLEBEE. Cena does his best to talk about the positive in the Transformers film franchise, but it's tough.

Hailee Steinfeld Talks About The Importance Of Story In BUMBLEBEE

Musician and actress Hailee Steinfeld was at Hall H promoting her next film BUMBLEBEE, a spinoff of the Transformers franchise. Steinfeld stressed several times the character driving storyline as a major difference in the film compare to previous Transformers movies.

Mixed Tag Mayhem Podcast – WWE Money in the Bank 2018, CM Punk UFC Failure

The first episode for Mixed Tag Mayhem TV Editor Tom Chang and Social Media Editor Kimberly Cook talk about the upcoming card for WWE’s...

Franchise Opportunities: Could BUMBLEBEE Be The First Good Transformers Film?

Now that we've seen the Bumblebee trailer, signs continue to indicate that the prequel/spinoff could truly rehabilitate Paramount's Transformers franchise and effectively set the stage for the announced shared universe.

‘BumbleBee’ Trailer #1 Reaction & Review

In the latest episode of Kieran's Movie Space, Kieran discusses and reviews the first official trailer for the first Transformers spin-off, BumbleBee. Could this...

BUMBLEBEE Trailer: Finally, A Non-Michael Bay Transformers Movie

There have been five Transformer films directed by Michael Bay over the past ten years, and Monday night we finally got our first glimpse of Bumblebee. The first film in the Transformers franchise not directed by Bay, and it was a breath of fresh air.