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EMPYRE #5 Asks, “What Does It Mean To Be A King?”

Empyre could change the game before it's all said and done.

Review: EMPYRE #3 Establishes The Event As A Potential Secret Invasion Sequel

Empyre #3 leaves us wanting a follow-up to one of Marvel's most famous events.

THE SENTRY: REBORN and Perfecting Surprise Reveals

The Sentry: Reborn is a wonderful tale about the golden guardian of good that is filled to the brim with twists. Paul Jenkins crafts...

Review: EMPYRE #2 Is Stuck In Neutral

Empyre #2 loses itself in a lengthy history lesson.

Review: Everything Is Complicated In EMPYRE #1

Empyre quickly blurs the lines of good and evil.

How THE ULTIMATES Changed My Concept Of What A Comic Book Could Be

My first exposure to comics was in the early 90s. Born in 1984, the first comic I ever saw was the final issue of...

Longbox Legends: Why AVENGERS (2016) #1 Was A Perfect Blend Of Old And New

Avengers comic tittles have undergone too many changes to count in its long history. But of the modern reboots, Mark Waid's AVENGERS #1 is...

Check Out A 5-Page Preview Of ROAD TO EMPYRE: KREE SKRULL WAR #1

Road To Empyre: Kree Skrull War #1 hits your local comic book shop on March 25, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots...

Review: A New Marvel Team Emerges in DEATH’S HEAD #4

Death’s Head and crew are still trapped and fighting it out with Dr. Necker in Death’s Head #4, out this week from Marvel Comics....
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