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Alex Sinclair

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Review: Clark Is Branded A Political Opportunist In SUPERMAN #20

Clark Kent’s life as a reporter/superhero has become more intertwined than ever since revealing his identity to the public. Within the pages of SUPERMAN...

SUPERMAN #19: “I’ll Take a Superman Story with Everything on It”

DC Comics' Superman #19, written by Brian Michael Bendis, with pencils by Ivan Reis, inks by Joe Prado, Danny Miki, Julio Ferreira and Oclair...

Review: AQUAMAN #55—Fueled By Hate, Or Love?

Aquaman and his archenemy, Black Manta have hated each other ever since that fateful day in which our hero accidentally caused the death of...

The Plot Thickens in WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME #5

Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #5 brings us closer to finding the truth of this adventure, with one major plot twist that'll surprise the readers.

Review: Cannibals & Cops in THE BATMAN’S GRAVE #2

We saw Bruce uncover the culprit behind a gruesome murder in our first issue. Now, with The Batman’s Grave #2, out this week from...


Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #4 was a satisfying addition to the series, providing fans with answers to all of the insanity that has been going on.

Review: AQUAMAN #53—The Erasure Of One’s History

AQUAMAN #53, available in stores on Wednesday, October 16th, opens up a new chapter in the life of Arthur Curry. After failing to save...

Review: Entering the Mind of a Dead Man in THE BATMAN’S GRAVE #1

Bruce Wayne’s had an interesting relationship with death over the decades. From apparently dying and traversing millennia of human history, to possibly having died...

What A Dangerous World In WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME #3

Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #3 forces Wonder Woman into a setting where she can’t use her powers to solve everything. It’s a refreshing take on a character we all know and love.