SUPERMAN #24 wrapped up this arc in an unexpected way. It was great getting to see Superman team up with a purely magical character.



Review: SUPERMAN #24 — Can Supes Take On Magic?

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SUPERMAN #24, available in comic book stores on Tuesday, July 11th, pits our hero against a threat just as dangerous as kryptonite: magic. An ancient evil is hell-bent on stealing the Helmet of Fate from Khalid Nassour, the new Doctor Fate. With the mystical god Nabu on his side, the forces of good may stand a chance. But could Superman’s vulnerability prove fatal to their plans?


The evil Xanadoth, one of the ancient lords of chaos, has invaded the Tower of Fate. Her imprisonment eons ago clearly wasn’t permanent, as Nabu makes clear. She appears to have acquired a vessel by the  name of Veronica Bissette, a DEO agent. And with that connection she plans to instill chaos upon the world once again.

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Brian Michael Bendis’s writing did a great job of capturing the essence of these magical characters alongside Superman. Their otherworldly powers and grandiose plans are complemented by the down to earth, can-do nature of the Big Blue Boy Scout. What’s more, it turns out Superman’s vulnerability may be the key to defeating the monster.


Kevin Maguire and John Timms’s penciling and ink work, Alex Sinclair’s coloring, and Dave Sharpe’s lettering give readers illustrations that are reminiscent of stories past. The characters embody the features that are most well-known about them—whether it be Superman’s chiseled muscles or Dr. Fate’s flowing cape. These images are brought to life through bold blues on their suits and much harsher reds on Xanadoth. In addition, the lettering is distinctive when moving from character to character, helping readers distinguish between each ones’ speech.


SUPERMAN #24 wrapped up this arc in an unexpected way. It was great getting to see Superman team up with a purely magical character.

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