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Well, that Super Sons crossover must have been rough for the Man of Steel. Superman had to fight a maniac, learn his son, Jon, is going to blow up Metropolis, and then work together with a Super-family member he does not recognize to save his son. I know he’s a superhero and alternate timelines are common, but I’m pretty sure any father would freak out over what he had learned. You’d expect such a heavy revelation earns an epilogue for the Man of Steel… Instead, we have a one-off story. A shame considering the outcome, one can only hope a one-off story is fantastic enough to fill the gap.

Superman and child

**Some Spoilers Below**

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After fighting the villainous Demolition Team outside a children’s hospital, Superman’s attention is caught by the cancer ward. Being the all-around good guy he is, he asks the hospital if he could take the kids on a trip.  When he gets the go-ahead, Superman, with the help of the Justice League, take the children on the best field trip ever.

Superman and the kids

Despite my disappointment for lack of an epilogue, I really enjoyed this issue. This is a lighthearted one-off story to show that Superman comics aren’t always mass destruction. One of his greatest characteristics of the Man of Steel is his compassion and the amount of work he goes to for these kids really show it off. This field trip that he puts on is one I think we’d all want as kids. Even though the field trip is clearly impossible for the real world, the people are portrayed real enough to be drawn in.


The art goes well with the issue. I’d say the art team found the perfect middle ground for a more lighthearted story. Most comics nowadays are drawn in such a big and colorful style, it’s almost screaming for readers to take notice. While it would work for a high flying action comic, it would feel weird in one more subtle.

That’s where the beauty of this art comes in. Barry Kitson’s pencil work on the characters is subdued. Instead of these big cartoonish expressions, the book has them smaller, almost realistic. Along with the vibrant colors that are a staple for Superman comics, this book is a delight to look at.

Superman and Green Lantern


Even though there are many fantastic dark arcs in the Superman comics as of late, it’s nice to have a pleasant one like this. The story is lighthearted and will remind you why Superman is one of the greatest heroes. The art stays grounded and fits the story masterfully. This is a story that everyone needs to read. It will give you a smile that lasts all day.

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superman-39-reviewThis one-off story brought a smile to my face with a book that is full of positivity. I highly recommend it.