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There have been a few crossovers since the start of Rebirth. Some have been fun while some have fallen flat, with a variety of different characters throughout. Adding to the mix, we now have a crossover between Superman, Super Sons, and Teen Titans. While many know the Man of Steel and the Teen Titans, there might be some who don’t know of the Super Sons. The Sons are a duo that consist of Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent, and Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne. The pair go on more strange, yet lighthearted adventures… Which brings up the question of why a Batman from another timeline is gunning for them?

Exploding Super Sons

**Some Spoilers Below**

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The future Tim Drake has returned, now with a new mission in mind. For reasons unknown, he claims that he needs to kill Jon Kent and save the future. This leads to the Dark Knight from a dark future to come to blows with the modern Batman and Superman.

Super Son of Tomorrow

Whenever you ask a person why they don’t read comics, the usual response is the need to backtrack to previous issues to keep up. This is a prime example of this thinking. The setting, characters, and the overall plot is built from previous storylines with little explanation. The closest thing to an explanation we get is the text blocks from editors, pointing towards the storylines in question. Where did this Future Tim Drake come from and how does Batman know him? Go read Detective Comics. Why is the Fortress of Solitude a mess? Read Action Comics. Now while I may read those series, there might be people who aren’t willing to put in the extra cash.

If there is anything positive in this chapter, it is the action. The fight scenes in this issue are amazing and show how much of a threat Future Tim Drake has become. The fight with Batman allowed us to see Tim’s hand-to-hand combat while the fight with Superman showed his strategic skills. It is actually fun to see both fights unfold, but that is also the biggest problem in this issue. The entire contents of this issue are fight scenes. This should have been the set up for this crossover, but instead, we got large, albeit pretty neat, brawls.


While the “story” is lacking, the art is phenomenal. The pencil work shows the weight of every action in the fight. You can see the intensity every time Bruce takes a swing at Tim, drawing the reader into the fight.You see the intensity behind every blow and feel the emotions behind them.

The color work goes hand-in-hand with the pencils. The colors are vibrant enough to make the characters pop off the page, as well as compliment some of the technology Tim uses.


Overall, while beautiful to look at, this was not a good opening. We barely get set up or explanation over why Future Tim is doing all of this. While the fights are fun to see, it does not make for a good story. Hopefully, the second chapter in Super Sons will progress the story a little better.

This story continues in Super Sons #11. You can find that review here.

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superman-37-review-super-sons-tomorrowWhile this issue doesn't reveal much plot, the action and art are enough to take a look.