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This is the second issue of a crossover event. If you want to see the review for the first part, Superman #37, click here.

The first issue of this crossover was rough in terms of storytelling. The issue consisted of two fights that pitted a future version of Tim Drake (the third Robin, Future Batman) against Batman and Superman. While the flights were fun and illustrated well, it did not provide enough of background for new readers. With the adults now indisposed, future Tim Drake has nothing in his way to take down the Boy of Steel.

Boy of Steel and Boy Wonder v Batman

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**Some Spoilers Below**


While Superboy teams up with the Teen Titans to take down a group of villains, the future Tim Drake watches from afar. He also takes advantage of their fight to hack into Titans Tower to set a trap. When Superboy and the Titans arrive, the trap is sprung and future Tim orders Raven, the team’s telepath, to look into his mind and reveal the future.

The reason that Tim came back to kill the Boy of Steel was that Jon would cause the deaths of millions. In the future, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne were at each other’s throats, which lead to a battle that caused Jon to LITERALLY explode over Metropolis.

This is the second issue of this crossover and this crucial part was just revealed. This revelation should have been seen in the first part of the crossover so we would better understand Future Tim’s motives. It could have just been a panel that ominously hinted at the future for our favorite Boy of Steel. This reveal changes the entire perspective of the Super Sons. What started as a fun light-hearted adventure has taken a dark turn… And I love it! This promises an entirely new dynamic for the duo and their loved ones. It’s a very nice twist to both Superboy and Damian.

That being said, the reveal could have come a bit sooner and could have expanded a little more. In this future, Damian and Jon come to blows, but we don’t learn why. All we know is that Damian becomes “unhinged,” which could be lies, considering Future Tim is equally as unhinged. By the end of the issue, we are left with more questions than answers. We still have two issues to go, so hopefully, we get answers instead of questions being swept under the rug.


The art in this comic doesn’t capture the dark undertones of this story. We learn that two of these kids will basically cause the death of millions, yet I can’t stop looking at the cartoonish expressions on the Titans. It also doesn’t help that the colors in the issue are so vibrant.

Sometimes the art does work in the comic’s favor, especially in the designs of the characters. One example, in particular, is a trio of characters from the future revealed at the end of the issue and they look amazing. It is able to amalgamate the character’s original costumes with that of the iconic heroes they’ve come to replace. The designs are slick and honestly feels like they’re drawn by an entirely different artist.


This issue is a step in the right direction for this crossover. We have some cool action and an epic reveal, but in exchange are left with more questions than answers. With the exception of some of the future character designs, the art was too cartoonish to match the tones this story is going for. The pieces are in place and now we enter the battle for Superboy’s life.

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super-sons-11-review-boy-of-steelThe story's big revelation promises a change in dynamic of the Super Sons but also leaves many questions.