‘Supergirl’ Season 2: New Trailer Spotlight On ‘Superman’

Supergirl Season 2 is on its way with a new network, a more official tie to the DCTV Universe, and a new TV Superman, which is sported in this new trailer, according to Comicbook.


Supergirl showrunners, and fans alike, seemed apprehensive about bringing her famous cousin Superman to the CBS/CW show. However, reports indicated over the summer that another Superman on-screen representation was heading to CW’s Supergirl Season 2.


The new Supergirl Season 2 teaser trailer does not reveal much, but it is one of the more significant looks at the newest Superman in action. Superman was never directly in the show so far, as producer Andrew Kreisberg explains just what has taken so long to bring him to CW’s DCTV Universe.

“There really isn’t anything we’ve asked for that was not given to us, you know? The show’s called Supergirl and it’s about Supergirl. It’s not like we’ve been jonesing to have Superman on it.We also didn’t want to…you know, if you’re going to cast Superman, you’ve got cast Superman right! Just like when you think about all the time and effort and energy that’s gone into finding the cinematic Superman over the last thirty years.”

Supergirl Season 2 Superman Scene

In fact, Kreisberg and company did not really seem like they would or wanted to bring Superman into their Supergirl show, as evidenced by the remainder and conclusion of his statement.

“For us, Superman is more of an idea than it is a personification of the character, so we’re more than happy to have him backlit. We’re perfectly happy to have him swoop in, save Kara in Episode Three, because the real heart of the story is that she then kicks Reactron’s butt. She’s the one that takes him down, and that’s what much more important for us.”

Now that the idea is has stepped out from his backlit persona, it will be interesting for fans to see how the newest Superman is portrayed, and what his overall roll will be in the show.

[Images Courtesy of The CW]

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