Supergirl/The Flash: Is This The Start Of A TV Justice League?

The Flash/Supergirl Crossover Brings Acclaim & Ratings Boost

I’ll start this off by saying I’ve never watched an episode of CBS’s ‘Supergirl‘ but I’ve kept my eye on it. I do however watch CW’s ‘The Flash‘. So this week, I tuned into their highly anticipated crossover episode that aired on CBS. I can gladly say this episode sold me on why I need to be watching ‘Supergirl immediately! Bringing in over 7 million viewers, I think the public agrees with me as well.

The latest episode “World’s Finest“, picks up in the middle of all of Kara Danvers’ drama as she balances work life at CatCo & life as Supergirl. This time though, The Flash just stumbles onto her Earth during one of his speed tests. This mashup has been rumored since her show was announced & those rumors gained more steam has The Flash showed Supergirl in some time portal; the same time portal that hinted at a ring from DC Comic’s Legion of Super-Heroes. The ring later appears in a Supergirl episode titled “Solitude“.

Could this be the early signs of something much larger to come?


While the DC Extended Universe is focusing on a much more traditional version of the Justice League, I believe the DC TV Universe could be building their own version of it, that version being the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion has seen different incarnations since their 50’s debut but the early versions mostly featured Superman or Superboy as a lead role. Could Kara Zo-El A.K.A Supergirl be the live-action leader of this group? Could Barry Allen’s Flash & Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow also be a part of this? There was a reference to Barry Allen being a founding member of a group in a season one episode of ‘The Flash‘; many thought it was a nod to Justice League but it could be something different.

If the relationship between Supergirl & Flash in this episode was anything to go by, I would gladly see them join together when the time is needed. Their banter felt natural and they seemingly match each other in adorable awkwardness. The duo made a great team when it came to taking down Banshee & Livewire; Flash using his speed and Supergirl using her brute strength.

This episode also taught Supergirl a lesson; something about her crime fighting and something about her love life. It was kind of odd hearing Barry tell Kara to speed up her relationship when he and Iris are still awkwardly staring at each other. The Scarlet Speedster taught the Girl of Steel about planning ahead and thinking before you attack. It took Barry an entire season to learn that lesson; let’s see if Supergirl keeps these notes Flash gave her for the future.

Speaking of the future, the addition of Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and The A.T.O.M…we could be building a strong team to face an evil so big it crosses over not only shows but networks. Will this collaboration be one-time or could we see more superhero team-ups later?


EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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