Superheroes On The Small Screen: What’s Next For Comics On TV

Could Your Favorite Super Heroes Be Heading To TV?!

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Since the debut of Arrow in 2012, there has been more than 8 comic book properties brought to the small screen with more awaiting release. The most recent super heroes smash was surprisingly Jessica Jones on Netflix. After a great success with Daredevil, I thought the streaming service would fall into a second series slump but they proved me very wrong. Netflix isn’t the only place where you can find great superhero entertainment; ranging from CBS to The CW, there is something for just about everyone in the mood for a little comic fun.

But what’s next for the beloved genre? I will break down what’s upcoming and in development, trying to pinpoint what would be the next small screen success.



Legends of Tomorrow

super heroes

With all the memorable side characters in both Arrow/Flash, there was a need for Legends of Tomorrow to handle all the leftover superheroes. So now there is a place for Captain Cold, White Canary, and many more to have a moment to truly shine. The show officially kicked off during an episode of The Flash when Vandel Savage showed his truly villain status as he tried to kill Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Now the Hawk-people will join the other “heroes” as they time-travel with Rip Hunter to stop Vandel and his evil plan for world domination. The show premieres on January 21st on The CW!

Luke Cage


After being a guest star on Jessica Jones, look for Luke Cage to come smashing to your Netflix account sometime this year. The show will be completely different from anything in the comic book universe up to this time; it will feature a predominantly black cast and be set in Harlem, which coupled with the story gives me instant feelings of 70’s Blaxploitation films. Luke Cage will use his superhuman strength and unbreakable skin to bring peace to his city. If his role on Jones is anything like his solo show, I expect Luke Cage to be a massive hit.



Nowadays, you don’t even have to be a superhero to get a television show. Preacher is Vertigo/DC series that will be coming to AMC sometime in 2016. Brought to you by Seth Rogan of all people, Preacher will try to match the success of comics on AMC…in vain of the beloved Walking Dead. The show Preacher will star Dominic Cooper as a small town preacher who is joined by an Irish vampire and his ex-girlfriend on a supernatural journey to find God. Unique & controversial, this show will surely make an impact on television.

Iron Fist


One of the hidden gems in Marvel comics, Iron Fist, is a master of martial arts & able to focus his ‘chi’ as attacks. His inclusion in the Netflix line-up of superhero adaptions makes sense; he’s not easily accessible to a mainstream audience, but the hardcore comic fans would love to see his story be told. It reminds a lot of the Daredevil TV series, and we have seen the massive success that is.
Iron Fist can be the hit no one ever saw coming.

The Defenders

defenders-netflix-logo (1)

If The Avengers were the cool kids in high school, The Defenders are the pot smoking oddities that hang out on the lawn during lunch. Mixing the previous mentioned Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones & Daredevil; the upcoming show The Defenders will bring together Marvel’s Netflix oddballs to a mini-series coming in late 2016. This group will showcase a different side of Marvel and will surely be a refreshing take on the superheroes group dynamic.

In Developmental Hell:

Static Shock


One of my personal favorite animated series from the mid-00’s, Static Shock sticks out as one of the few black comic book characters to make it into the mainstream. The initial announcement of the show was met with positivity but as the lack of new information has come out, the positivity has diminished. Since the rumored casting of Jaden Smith as the titular Static, there has been no other talk of the project.

Teen Titans


TNT has been supposedly working on Titans for a while now. Teen Titans had great success on Cartoon Network with their animated show but with the growing need for teen entertainment, I think a live action Titans would have been a great fit for TV.
While it is a great fit for TV but I don’t think it’s a fit for a channel like TNT. Known for “lighthearted fun” entertainment like The Last Ship & Major Crimes, TNT doesn’t feel like the home for the group featuring characters like Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire.



There isn’t much known about the prequel to Superman, but it’s supposed to be coming to SyFy sometime in 2016 by writer David Goyer. Life on Krypton is rarely depicted in the live-action universe, so this show will be a totally new take on the Superman saga. But since it was announced about a year ago, nothing else has been said of the piece. With Gotham showing pre-Batman life, I think Krypton would be another great re-invention of the classic brand.

So what show will surpass just being loved by genre fans and become a mainstream success? I personally think Preacher could the bright star of this bunch but after 2 successful Netflix shows, I think Luke Cage has a chance to really steal the show.

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