Summer Anime of 2017: The Hits and Misses

With summer fast on our heels it can only mean one thing, new summer anime to look forward to. With so many titles to choose from, I give you my picks as to what will be the hits and misses for the upcoming summer anime.

Hit: Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (Anime release: July 2017)

Another samurai based anime with links to historical facts. Of course, many anime like this have been cast into production only to be a rework of previous flops. Yet what possibly separates this from the previous attempts is a use of a modern art style. Just based on the promotional video alone it seems that Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu has illustration values close to movie quality. While merely speculation, if the anime was able to maintain this quality, it has the potential to carry the show. As long as it avoids being dragged down with standard Voice Actors/Actresses the possibilities for this anime are endless.

Miss: Centaur no Nayami (Anime release:July 9, 2017)


So to start off, I have not read the manga and most likely never will. The reason, I have no interest in watching a high school drama of mythological creatures. If this is the new creative spin that Japan will take on the standard High School drama you can count me out. With that out of the way I have a hard time imagining that this will be a hit. With the viewers mostly consisting of those with preconceived notions on the series it’s going to take a miracle for this series to take flight.

Hit: Koi to Uso (Anime release:July 3, 2017)

Koi to Uso will most likely play into the role Animeof a creative spin on a pre-existing genre. Yet even though this is the case the anime brings in an interesting aspect. With the traditional High School romance thrown out the window we are instead left with what is most likely a love triangle. This being inhibited with Government laws might make for a creative twist on a stale genre.

Miss: Dive!! (July 7, 2017)

Dive!! has every quality you would expect from a money-making scheme. Well drawn anime boys for all the fan girls/boys, a pool to see them exposed, and a comedic element to avoid being seen as a softcore porn. While I expect this show to rake in a huge profit from merchandising, I can’t imagine this show making a huge mark except for that reason.

Think I’ve gotten it right or dreadfully wrong? Either way comment below to give your insight on the upcoming releases of new summer anime.

David Harada
David Harada
A weeb in hiding by day, an avid Manchester United supporter by night. Living on both sides of the coin, David has graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree in Philosophy and Writing from Soka University of America. With a strong background in Japanese culture and being able to speak the language to boot, this man straddles the line between full-time nerd and sideline athlete. To him, as long as it is interesting he will watch it!