A fun dark comedic story comes to an end with a twist that no one sees coming.

Review: SUICIDE SQUAD #34 Is A Dark Comedic Delight

This is not your average Suicide Squad story. This story follows the life of Juan Soria, a true expendable member of Task Force X. Last issue, we learned of his life and how he always wanted to become a superhero. When Juan finally emerged with superpowers, they ended up being the lamest powers ever. Despite this, he tried to join the Justice League, but they denied him entry due to his less than impressive powers. He turned to crime to make ends meet, but he soon incarcerated and placed in Belle Reve. Juan’s first mission involves fighting aliens that have taken over a theme park. With him losing his superpower hand, Juan finds himself surrounded by the enemy. Will he survive?

Suicide Squad v Aliens

**Some Spoilers Below**

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Starting from where Juan lost his hand, the Squad comes in to save him and keep him moving. As the Squad continues on their path towards the center of the alien hive, Juan gets into more and more trouble along the way. He goes as far as losing his other hand in the mouth of one of the aliens. By the time the Squad reaches the alien queen, Juan is a broken shell of a man… despite this, he is still able to save the day.

Si Spurrier has created one of the most fun Suicide Squad stories to date. This story captures what makes the Suicide Squad of today great. At its core, the Suicide Squad comic is a dark zany comedy. A reader might feel bad for the amount of trouble Juan goes through, but you can’t help but laugh at his tragedy. He gets pushed through so much he’s left essentially broken, yet still somehow save the day in ridiculous fashion. The ending tops off this dark comedy with a twist I did not see coming. It’s just an overall good time and I can’t wait to see what Spurrier has in store next.

Juan Soria of the Suicide Squad


The Art team has once again gone above and beyond for the story. Fernando Pasarin’s pencil work has given the readers some epic action and creepy aliens to enjoy. It fits the tone of the story perfectly, especially during the bloody action scenes. The amount of detail is fantastic and highlights the violent nature that the Squad is known for. The colors of Blond help the pencils stand out as well, bringing pencils and colors together perfectly. I enjoy this team and would love to see them work more on the Squad.

Suicide Squad in ship


This issue capped-off a fun side story in the Suicide Squad series. It had awesome action, funny dialogue, and a twist ending I didn’t see coming. The art was amazing and leaves me hoping to see the team work together again. If you haven’t picked it up yet, pick up the last issue and this one if you enjoy dark comedy. You won’t be disappointed.

Jose "Jody" Cardona
Jose "Jody" Cardona
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A fun dark comedic story comes to an end with a twist that no one sees coming.Review: SUICIDE SQUAD #34 Is A Dark Comedic Delight