Slow but found a way to redeem itself by the end.
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‘Steven Universe’ Utilizes Atmosphere In The Good Lars

Steven, Lars and Sadie get invited to a party with the Cool Kids.

This episode of Steven Universe dangerously teased with being at the same level of Onion Friends (the lowest rated episode of recent memory). Luckily it found a way to pull ahead at the last minute and become a bit more of worthwhile.

The episode started slow by being about Lars being good at cooking. He doesn’t like to admit he’s good at cooking because he’s afraid people will think he’s lame. This part of the episode is a bit lame on its own. Later though, as the party occurs Lars doesn’t show up and the episode finds away to save itself. As Steven begins to search for Lars it becomes more and more evident to the audience something is wrong. Lars isn’t simply skipping the party because he’s worried about his social appearance and instead something has happened. This is confirmed in the last few moments of the episode. Steven’s desperate search and the fact a major event seems to be happening soon helps to make this a better episode than it felt it would be. Way to save things in the last half of the last half of the episode and build the tension to what is on the horizon.


They also found a way to make one of the best meta jokes when Lars asks Steven how he got so mature. His response, “Between getting my shield and finding out my mom is a war criminal” is basically what happened between episode one and recent events in the series. Always good when the show is able to go meta once in awhile. Still there has been enough foreshadowing. Alright series, enough teasing. The next episode better reveal who the shadowy figures are stalking the citizens of Beach City.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Slow but found a way to redeem itself by the end. 'Steven Universe' Utilizes Atmosphere In The Good Lars