Steven Universe – “Catch and Release” Review

Summary:Steven reveals his bathroom.

The very vague official description for this episode is due to the fact it’s impossible to talk about without giving spoilers. It begins with Peridot kidnapping Steven so he can fix a portal and she can return home. Unfortunately, Steven’s power doesn’t work and the Crystal Gems show up. They stop Peridot from escaping and seal her in gem form. This could be the end of it but Steven is concerned with Peridot’s mention of something called the Cluster.

Reviving her, its revealed that without her equipment (that Amethyst threw away), Peridot is tiny and the same height as Steven. She tries to escape but runs into Steven’s bathroom and decides to hunker down there for safety. Looks like she’ll be sticking around for a while. This will be interesting to see how she is used in future episodes.

Finally some progression. After the previous episode where not much took place it’s good to finally see some hints about impending evil. THE CLUSTER. What is this mysterious object? Could it be what the team will be having to fight in the season finale? Hopefully, because its sounds incredibly powerful and ominous but let’s pray they don’t wait until the finale to tackle it. It’s only the 18th episode of a proposed 52-episode season. We’ll get sick hearing about the cluster if it doesn’t arrive until episode 51.

The episode was full of humor and also finally resolved some issues with Peridot. She’ll be a part of the main crew for a bit now that she’s lost her equipment. This is a very good move as it was getting really old watching her escape every encounter since the season began like Team Rocket at the end of every episode of Pokemon. This episode does the perfect Steven Universe mixture of fun, action, comedy, and story telling. Welcome aboard Peridot. Looking forward to the chaos and humor you’ll bring to the story.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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