Arrow Season 4 Update: New Suit, New Characters, Plot Synopsis, And More!

Arrow season 4 information has seemingly began to flood into the news cycle, and at least once or twice a month, Stephen Amell or any number of Arrow TV show cast and crew has been spilling the beans. Then, the Arrow team hit SDCC to drop even more information. With all this information about everyone’s favorite Emerald Archer, it requires a detailed, but a succinct overview.

For anyone that wishes to completely surprised for Arrow season 4, might just want to sit this one out. As for the rest of Green Arrow’s fans, read on to get the full scoop.

The Inquisitr suggested in May that a costume switch-up was possible, which was reasonable since Arrow’s costume has modestly changed each season. Arrow star Stephen Amell said that he was no longer suiting up in the Arrow costume. As per SDCC, this  new Arrow photo was released and Stephen Amell took to the CW stage to drop some serious changes coming in Arrow season 4, Comicbook reported.

“San Diego Comic-Con, you have not failed this city! My name is Oliver Queen, but you knew that. After five years away, I came home with one goal: to save my city. Along the way, I gained a brother, I saw people I’d known my entire life become superheroes, and I fell in love, but I lost people forever. The person that I was, and the persona that I created, failed. But Star City, not Starling City, Star City still needs saving. And all of you can bet your last dollar that me and my team will bust our asses or breathe our last breaths trying to save it. And I ask all of you to come a little bit further… with the Green Arrow!”

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Green Arrow is finally here, and Star City has emerged. It is unclear if the title of the show will change, but the city’s name obviously will. According to TV Junkies, Stephen Amell says that Arrow(or Green Arrow) season 4 will take place in real-time ergo it will be six months after Olicity rode off into the sunset.

Damien Darhk will finally make his appearance, so Ra’s Al Ghul’s nemesis will be Arrow’s(or Green Arrow’s) in season 4. Olicity, according to Green Arrow himself, has a fighting change this season.

Characters who aren’t the “closest friends” will “interact” in Arrow season 4. Stephen Amell might direct, and there will be a new mayor in Star…City, according to E Online.

“Patty is a peer and an old friend of the late Moira Queen, and was once close with Oliver and Thea. She is also a mother, and cares for her daughter above all else…”

So much Arrow fans know, and so much they don’t. Has any of the news been enough to get you started watching, or at least, continuing on to season 4?

Leave your thoughts, opinions, and predictions below. Arrow(or Green Arrow) premieres October 7, 2015.

[Image Via CW/Arrow]

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