Stella Artois Apple Cidre Review

Stella Artois is a big brand beer that is held in high regard, so when I found their Apple Cidre, I had to give it a shot. The season also had an impact on my desire to try their autumnal spirit. Apple-infused drinks and those similar in nature (looking at you pumpkin ale), tend to have a strong flavor that results in the drink being abandoned. The quality and reputation of Stella Artois products gave me the intrigue necessary to answer the age old question, “how ’bout them apples?”


Often times flavored beers walk a fine line between flavorful and overpowering. Stella Artois Apple Cidre actually has a flavor that is more reminiscent of apple juice than an alcoholic beverage.


The usage of apple flavor is just right and the carbonation isn’t too overpowering. They are advertised as being brewed from fresh picked apples and they even carry the signature smell of a basket of fresh picked apples.


A 6-pack costs $8 and change, and they are certainly worth every dollar.


A nice clean wrapper that’s nondescript and doesn’t use any apple imagery, which seems to be the going trend for all other breweries that produce Apple Cidre.

Final Sip of Stella Artois Apple Cidre

As I reach the final sips of this apple cider I realize why I don’t care for these type of drinks. After the second one I began finding points of the taste that didn’t meld with my own tastes. The aroma begin to have too much of a cream or yogurt like smell which was too sweet for my liking. They are great for having just one but I think that 6-pack will be consumed by house guests as I have likely had my last one.

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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