Star Trek Bridge Crew Boldly Goes Where No Game Has Gone Before

Star Trek in Virtual Reality May be the Actual Final Frontier

During E3 of 2016 Ubisoft aired a trailer for a Virtual Reality Star Trek game called Star Trek: Bridge Crew.  This VR game would be playable on Oculus Rift and compatible with HTC Vive as well as on the PlayStation VR platform. Originally set for a late November 2016 release, then a mid-March 2017 release, it looks like the game will finally surface at the end of this month for a May 30th release.

Captain’s Log


Set in the Kelvin timeline specific to the J.J. Abrams 2009 reboot, the game focuses on role playing as the main component of interaction. As a crew member of the U.S.S. Aegis, players are put into a co-op situation after choosing a team member role on the ‘starship’. Players can choose to be captain, helm, tactical or engineering.  As expected game play is designed around the specific duties of the role.


Star Trek Bridge Crew Role Focus

While the story remains consistent regardless of platform, the ability to change roles creates diversity in the game play atmosphere.  In addition to that it is in Virtual Reality placing the gamer as close to an actual Star Trek experience as possible. As noted by Brian Drew from a September post on, this sounds like an exciting and engrossing experience.

Team Spirit Needed

One of the main focal points of gameplay is team interaction. Gameplay features the player working in tandem with the other three roles which can be live players.  With online access even if a player does not have three other friends nearby, they will be able to find other game players to interact with.  However in the case no one else is engaged, non-player characters (NPC) will be assigned to play the needed roles.

Yes THE Enterprise


Bonus content includes playing as a member of the original U.S.S. Enterprise. Also the game will be playable cross-platforms. As long as VR gear is compatible with the game, players can engage each other.  This means gamers can play with friends with different VR set-ups. Something Ubisoft made possible late last year with their VR game push.

ST Stars Playing

The game seems to mesh the interests of virtual reality enthusiast, online gamers, role playing gamers and tactical strategic gamers in a world that is familiar and extraordinary at the same time.  Is there a universe better suited for VR than the Star Trek one?  Star Trek Bridge Crew is hopefully an opening foray into a brave new space.

The title is currently still available for pre-order.

Does a Star Trek VR game sound like the best of both worlds? Comment below with your thoughts.

Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman
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