#StandByStan: To Save Stan Lee, We Need To Boycott Stan Lee

The fallout from Stan Lee’s appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con continues, with Kevin Smith offering Lee a place to stay and comic book creators posting messages of concern.

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Lee battled with pneumonia earlier this year and his health has been deteriorating. The Hollywood Reporter released an exposé Tuesday alleging abuse against Lee by his daughter J.C., Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, Keya Morgan and J.C.’s attorney, Kirk Schenck.

The 95-year-old legend is surrounded by the wrong people who don’t care for the man himself, but just want to make a quick dollar from the brand. The only way we the fans can stop this is by boycotting any and all appearances by Lee. If the leeches can’t make money from his brand, they will be less likely to stick around. If fans want to create radical and immediate change, we need to boycott the conventions and the companies that set up the autograph and photo sessions as well.

Change would be easier and quicker if high-profile creators and celebities stepped in. All the high-profile guests that profit from these conventions and owe their livelihood to Lee should come together and say, “NO MORE,” and not attend future conventions in which Lee appears. The convention scene is extremely competitive, and if a few stars say no, change will happen quickly.

The goal of the Stan Lee boycott is to dry up the finacial resources the leeches can take a draw from.

Lee should have been relaxing over the past 10 years. it’s been reported he receives $1 million a year for his Marvel ties. He doesn’t need the money. The leeches surrounding Lee made us believe we needed more from Lee, and we ate it up and bought as many tickets as possible. With the convention boom combined with our greedy fandom, Lee has turned into a circus animal traveling around the country with no concern for his well being. We have all let down the man who gave us amazing childhoods.

Stan, I let you down and I am sorry.
Last year at MegaCon Tampa, I wanted to meet Lee and choose the photo op. It was a horrible experience as fans turned against Lee as the event was delayed, calling him rude and unprofessional. The staff at EPIC PHOTO OPS yelled instructions to not talk or touch Lee. As I entered he didn’t move, it was as if he was a was a statue. The photographer kept yelling, FREEZE, NEXT, FREEZE, NEXT. There was no meeting of my idol, there was no experience. I’m sorry I put you through that day, Stan. – Matt Sardo

The video above of Lee’s handler Morgan instructing Lee on how to spell his name is horrific, to make matters worse look at this Instagrammer’s comments on the situation.

To Save Stan Lee, We Need To Boycott Stan Lee #StandByStan

There is no concern for Lee or his health with this person. There is a large group of collectors trying to get as many books signed by Lee as possible before he dies. It is time to put the Stan Lee autograph market on hold and care about the man.

Wuhoo Sports is a prime example of a person that just wants to make money off of Lee. Wuhoo Sports even complains about the price of a signature in the comments of the video. The five-minute clip below gets more depressing the more you watch. Wuhoo Sports is not a fan of Lee, this is a straight-up cash grab.

Lee resembles a depressed tiger stuck in a cage. It was our job to protect the living legend, and we let him down. We still have a chance to tell Morgan no more, but we need to make the tough choice of boycotting Stan Lee and all his signed merchandise, then maybe Stan can enjoy his remaining golden years in peace.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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