‘Spider-Man: Dead No More’ Details Revealed

Details are out for the upcoming Spider-Man: Dead No More. With the full title being Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, connections are evident to the 90’s Clone Saga.

While many hold differing views on the saga’s story, its legacy is still potent. In short, during the mid-nineties Marvel went with the idea that Peter Parker was not Peter Parker. Instead, the then real Spider-Man was a guy named Ben Reilly. Reilly took over web slinging duties for some time until tests came back saying Peter Parker was the real McCoy and Reilly was the clone.

You can see how this could confuse people easily.

Reilly eventually died off and Parker was the main spider for New York City. At least until Doc Ock decided he wanted a piece of the action, but that’s another story.

From the release we know the Jackal will be the main villain. Fitting as the Jackal gave Peter all the cloning troubles during the 90’s. Personally I think the Jackal may want to find a new hobby, but I doubt any of them will take up knitting presently.

Dan Slott and Nick Lowe allude to the Jackal moving past cloning and try to manipulate the boundaries of life and death.

The stand alone series will launch in October with a total of five issues.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
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