A Sneak Peek into the DC Rebirth Event

Warning: There will be definitive spoilers for DC Rebirth being discussed in this article.

As the time nears for the release of the first issue of DC Rebirth, a few images from the mini-series have been released from several comic book news sites on two major plot points.

First: A confirmation that Wally West will be making  a return after a long absence.


Second: The Watchmen Universe will become a part of the DC Multiverse in some capacity.

Though the details are sparse and theories are rampant, the possibilities on what will come from Geoff John’s last major story line is intriguing to say the least. Given that his history with the DC universe to see the latter development actually has me eager to buy the issue.

There are a few things I’d love to see occur during the story if and when the DC pantheon meet their Watchmen counterparts.

First, I’d want to see Batman standing at where Rorschach was standing where he was killed and take a moment to reflect. Both for someone who was dedicated to hunting criminals like himself and refused to compromise his morals, and as someone who represented what Batman might have become if he had gone too far.

Second, I want to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman beat Ozymandias to within an inch of his life. One reason being Ozymandias would be shocked to have his skills be out matched by those still in their prime, and not those taking up the cause after letting their skills rust away. Another reason is to see the DC trinity doing what Owlman, Silk Specter and Dr. Manhattan should have done after Ozymandias’s terrorist actions.

Thirdly, I want Superman to face the three remaining “heroes” of Watchmen and call them out for who they are. He doesn’t shout at them, he doesn’t go into a frenzy, he just says he’s disappointed that they failed the people they were supposed to help.

I do see why the ending of the Watchmen was the way it was. It showed that victories are not without cost. Sometimes letting evil happen will lead to good, as terrible as that sounds. And, in many cases, heroes have to be villains to protect their charges. And the ending to Watchmen did help to ensure its place in making comic books a respected form of literature. I’d just like to see some get their just desert.

With that said, these aren’t required for the story to be enjoyable. And personally I think this will be a story of the ages, but it would be great to see them take place in DC Rebirth.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
A post-grad history buff who is addicted to comics and books, and lover of anything with the words "ice" and "cream" in it. I've been a huge Batman fan since I can remember, and have come to appreciate sequential art as literature and entertainment. Also I have a soft spot for dogs. Just saying.