Monkeys Fighting Robots

For anyone who thought the idea of Danny Devito bathing in chocolate was weird hasn’t heard of the concept behind Skittles Super Bowl Commercial. Skittles is going over the top by promoting the most exclusive advertisement ever. Rather than showing the final product to a nationwide audience, they plan to show it to teenager Marco Menendez, the winner of a national search for their biggest fan. Check out this tweet.

Skittles will likely be teasing their possible ads during the game. For those of you who are wondering which ad could be shown to this teenager, check out these links.

Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube


This one is undoubtedly creepy but check out this next one!

This one was just odd, but they get even stranger …

However, this one might be the strangest one of all.

Personally, this type of ad campaign does nothing for me as David Schwimmer doesn’t strike me as someone who should be selling candy to the world. However, superfans of Friends might be excited to see the spots. In the end, it doesn’t matter which ad is shown to the teenager as Skittles has indeed generated plenty of buzz with this tactic. Which commercial are you excited to check out during the game? Be sure and leave a comment below!





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