While there might be a few aspects of this story that were not explained, that might come later, the art makes this one of the most beautiful books that has graced the shelves in 2019.

Review: Breathtaking Asian Myth Or SILVER SURFER BLACK #2?

I'm pretty sure it's Silver Surfer Black

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Silver Surfer Black #2 might be one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen in quite some time. Tradd Moore’s art is as creative and original as it gets. His style looks straight out of some ancient Japanese scrolls; he happens to be drawing superheroes with it. Still, I find myself opening this issue and just staring the day away at these pages. Moore’s take on Galactus on the opening page has to be my favorite rendition of the character. Dave Stewart’s color work is top-notch. He brings out the very best of Moore’s art with vibrant colors that make the entire issue pop. Clayton Cowles makes sure each character’s narrative is easy to follow by color coding and stylizing the word bubbles.


In this issue, the Silver Surfer takes on Knull and the symbiote cage planet in utterly gorgeous battle scenes. Norrin Radd is coming to terms with some of his demons while facing one of the more powerful new villains in the Marvel Universe, as he mentions he has had many encounters with symbiotes, but this is his first. Donny Cates is making symbiotes a large part of the new Marvel, and this piece of narration by the Surfer lets the readers know we have many more interactions coming. Knull infects the Surfer with a symbiote of his own and the design work for the Void Knight is astounding. I guarantee Silver Surfer fans will love the Venomized version graciously given by the great Moore. My only beef is the name, sounds like a Batman from a Gotham that exists in a black hole.

Silver Surfer Black #2 delivers with another appearance of the symbiote dragon mounted by Knull in pursuit of Norrin. At this point, the Surfer has rid himself of the symbiote and flees the King of Darkness, while being drawn to an ominous voice that knows all the thoughts careening through the Surfer’s mind. The use of wide and long panels throughout the book allow Moore’s work to shine and gives the book a cinematic feel. Every panel is captivating as the next; you’ll have to pick up this issue to find out how it ends.

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