Shokugeki No Souma (Food Wars!) Season 3 Announced!

With the release of Soumathe latest issue of Shounen Jump, as well as a Promotional Video, Shokugeki no Souma has its 3rd season coming!

Souma’s Third Season Antics?

So far Shokugeki no Souma has gone through a training camp, autumn elections, and a stagiaire. From here we can only expect more drama, beginning with his encounter with the Elite Ten. Whether it be a new rival or some unexpected drama with prior acquaintances Souma takes his next step towards the top in Season 3. Will he take the top spot or fall to the ground, just short of his dreams?



Fall 2017

As of right now, the anime is predicted to begin in the Fall of 2017. Based on the promotional video, this is all the information we are given. No clue as to the length of the 3rd season, either 12, 24, or more episodes. However, the manga is a decent number of chapters ahead. It can be expected that a 24 episode season would fit in, if not more. However much is unknown other than the fact that one of the most anticipated Jump series is coming back to animation.

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David Harada
David Harada
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