'Sherlock Frankenstein' is a must-read for 'Black Hammer' fans. Jeff Lemire has something special with this world, the deeper we get into it, the better.

‘Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil’ Fleshes Out The World Of ‘Black Hammer’

Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil arrives this week to further populate and explore the world that Black Hammer takes place in. Jeff Lemire enlists artist David Rubin to help him dive deeper down into the shadows of this strange universe in it’s first spin-off series.

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Lucy Weber, daughter of Black Hammer, is the only one who’s convinced her superhero father isn’t dead. She’s determined to find him and believes the key to doing so is one of his oldest enemies, Sherlock Frankenstein. Lucy begins her search at the Spiral Asylum For The Criminally Insane seeking clues.

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The world of Black Hammer is a genuinely intoxicating one, now is the perfect time to strike with a spin-off story. Anyone reading the main series will be pleased to explore further, past the limits of the town our main cast of heroes are restrained to.

Sherlock Frankenstein gives readers a look into the other side of this superhero world, examining the villains of Spiral City. This comic does a splendid job in showcasing a massive roster of evil-doers that are as fascinating as the cast of the main book.

Black Hammer has no shortage of amazing character names, and Sherlock Frankenstein is no different. From Cthu-lou to Concretestador, every new character has the potential to be your new favorite. This book is filled to the brim with fantastic new characters, each one a unique and stunning creation.

There’s a similarity in style and atmosphere to Hellboy in this investigation of Black Hammer rogues. It’s a spooky and exciting sci-fi world with a rich history, every glimpse we get into the past does some heavy lifting in making this universe feel like it’s been around for much longer than we’ve been reading it.

One thing is for sure, the deeper we get into Black Hammer lore, the more enthralled by this world we become. Every little peak deeper into the mythos we get, the more we want. Jeff Lemire is a master-crafter, in this series his talents are fully on display.

Sherlock Frankenstein is a home-run, hopefully we can expect more spin-offs like this in the future. If you’re a Black Hammer fan, don’t miss this book.

Brandon J. Griffin
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'Sherlock Frankenstein' is a must-read for 'Black Hammer' fans. Jeff Lemire has something special with this world, the deeper we get into it, the better.'Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil' Fleshes Out The World Of 'Black Hammer'