SEVEN TO ETERNITY Comes Back In Full Force With #10

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Seven To Eternity comes back from it’s break in a big way with issue #10. Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña take us back to the Land of Zhal.

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Adam Osidis and the Mud King continue their trek following a monumental betrayal by our main hero to his allies. It’s great to have Seven To Eternity back, which wastes no time reminding us that we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the cool stuff this world has to offer.

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Not only is the story compelling, but the concept of spending enough time with your enemy that they become a friend says so much more than just a plot device. Adam Osidis’ character arc has been a challenging and surprising one, including some intriguing challenges of self.

Remender has himself another perfectly crafted main character that’s damaged goods. It’s hard to predict what Osidis is going to do at any given moment, it makes for an anxious, thrilling experience.

Seven To Eternity‘s antagonist is also a masterfully crafted character study. He’s as complex as they come, readers will go back and forth on their feelings for him every other issue. The Mud King is a sci-fi Negan with a much larger impact on the world around him.

Jerome Opeña fills this world with characters and creatures that all have such visual depth. Every new addition is a beautifully designed model, layered with creative clothing and weaponry, living in an environment that’s completely fleshed out. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of Seven To Eternity‘s art every single issue.

Our new steampunk-Hydra-balloon-town and it’s soldiers are incredibly fun to look at. Opeña is doing career work filling out the world spilling out of Rick Remender’s head.

Seven To Eternity is a must-read sci-fi comic. Whether you come for the spectacular art or masterful storytelling, you’ll leave satisfied with both. Every inch of this world oozes creativity and grandiose, it’s a delightful masterpiece.

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