Sense8: Season Two Episode Two Brings Back The Gang

After a Christmas special that revealed the consequences of Season One, Sense8 Season Two kicks things off with a bang in S2E2, “Who Am I?”.

“Will and Whispers each race to piece together the other’s location, while Lito heads to his first movie premiere since the photos leaked.”

At the end of Season One, the conspiracy against the sensates only started to become clear – an organization called BPO, a doctor called Whispers, and a plot to lobotomize sensates. Will became linked with Whispers, and Season Two picks up with the continuation of their cat-and-mouse game across the globe, while other sensates help how they can. Nomi and Amanita research the anthropological concept of Homo sensorium, and Kala helps keep Will healthy for as long as she can.

Still, the presence of the conspiracy doesn’t stop the personal lives and struggles of each of the sensates. A particularly notable scene is when Lito, recently outed as gay, attends one of his movie premieres with his boyfriend. A homophobic reporter gets into his face about recent events. At the same time, Capheus is hounded by a reporter in Nairobi. Wolfgang and Felix are still dealing with the backlash of the gang war in Berlin; Kala is clashing with her father-in-law.



The show doesn’t bother with much in the way of recap – it continues right where it left off at the same breakneck pace that it reached by the end of Season One. Given that one of the early complaints about Season One was a slow start, this is a good sign for things to come. All of the actors are in fine form. In addition, after his introduction in the Christmas episode as the replacement Capheus, Toby Onwumere is keeping up well.

The stand-out performance, however, is Terrence Mann’s Dr. Whispers. Terrifying enough in Season One, Mann brings a whole new duality of humanity and coldness to Whispers in Sense8 Season Two. The game between him and the sensates wouldn’t have nearly the intense paranoia it does without his impressive acting.

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The only downside to the opening of Sense8 Season Two so far is a distinct lack of focus on some of the others. Kala, in particular, has been limited to very shallow storylines, and Sun is still trapped in prison. Still, it’s only the beginning, and there’s the rest of the season to go.

What did you think of the beginning of Sense8 Season Two?


Elliott Dunstan
Elliott Dunstan
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