Sense8 does not suck! Episode 3 Thoughts

Sense8 does not suck anymore… At least for now. I’m still not completely won over but it sure has gotten better. But this episode was really good and I wanna go through the synopsis real fast to get to what I liked about this episode and how it reinvigorated my interest in this show.

Capheus Zebra

Capheus talks about how he wants to be a zebra so he won’t have to worry about the hardships of life. He then goes with his friend to haggle some better quality Aids Medicine for his mom. His friend is the best hustler in the world! They go to a bad neighborhood to try to get more business for their bus when it gets robbed and they end up stealing the AID’s medicine. Knowing he most likely can’t stand up to the thieves he goes anyway. His best friend offers to come with him but Capheus denies his help unable to risk his friend’s life. Once he rams into the thieves with the bus he uses his sensate abilities to tap into Sun and Will to deal with the thieves. He doesn’t get al of them but he gets most of them and his moms medicine back.

Sun is waiting for her dad’s call all day until she says “Fuck it!” and leaves the business. But not before leaving a huge hole in the secretaries desk, with her fist. She goes back to her old master (aka Mr. Miyagi) and resumes her underground boxing career. It’s here where she links with Capheus and helps him fight off the people who stole his moms medicine.

Sense8 Mr Miyagi


Nomi is now being held captive in the hospital. And after hearing from Jonas that they intend to lobotomize her she is more terrified than ever. But she really can’t do anything about it. She is on the operating table when there is a fire in the hospital. The procedure is halted and they return her to her room. She figures it is her girlfriend who said she would “Burn this hospital down before they touch that beautiful brain of yours.”

Sense8 Nomi lobotomy

Kala goes back to work even though her wedding is in two days and is in meeting about counterfeit drugs and how they are extremely harmful.

Riley throws away all her drugs and tries to start a new slate. Until she meets up with some old friends who are texting her to do drugs. Saying its the only way to deal with this fucked up world.

Wolfgang isn’t really in this episode.

Will looks through some suspicious papers and helps Capheus out with shooting at the robbers.

Sense8 Lito Mob


After figuring out an agreement with the woman who now knows Lito’s gay secret, he agree to continue the farce of dating her. But she reveals she is supposed to be engaged to a dangerous mob guy. Lito meets with him to try and clear the air but is held at knife point jokingly, and left with a very ominous threat.

So thats what happened, and it was a lot. They are finally starting to incorporate similar elements that span across different stories, and I really love that. It shows that these characters are connected by something more than their ability. It seems to me that there is all something they are lacking and by being sensates with one another they will hopefully be able to find strength and come to complete each other to the point where they won’t need to be sensate anymore. At least thats where I hope its going.

Cafes might be my favorite character. One because his story I think is the most compelling and because he is probably the only character with visible growth so far. It’s very intentional to start the episode with him talking about wanting to be a zebra. It shows that he’s had it with this life and doesn’t really want to fight for what it will take to be happy. He’s just willing to accept that fate for himself. But because he has his mom, he’s forced into action to not be a person who just sits by and doesn’t try. Because he loves her so much, he has to act. I really like it that a certain aspect of his character forces another aspect to come out that he didn’t really know was there. This is some damn good character writing!

As for the sensate ability itself, I’m still really confused on how it all works. The scene with Sun boxing while Capheus fights the robbers makes it seem like they were doing the same movements. But Sun was fighting one guy and Capheus was fighting like four. So it doesn’t really make sense that their moves would be the same. Also apparently they can look at each other and talk? This ability needs to be fleshed out more. Still little to no advance on the plot, but at least something happened where the ability was actually needed to effect one of the stories. So even though I seriously would like the plot to move faster, this was still an okay episode. So for now Sense8 does not suck, but we’ll see.


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