Scott Snyder’s Batman Legacy: How He Hopes To Leave His Run

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Monkeys Fighting Robots got the chance to talk with all-star comic book scribe and Batman veteran Scott Snyder, among discussions about what the future holds for the character in Rebirth, Metal, and beyond, Snyder was asked about what kind of legacy he would like to be known for leaving on the character. Snyder, always gracious and generous with responses had a lot to say.

On his proudest moment

“I guess the thing that I’m proudest of…and it really sort of evolved during the second or third year we were on the book…the thing that I really think made him my version of him at least is that he’s so much more about sort of inspiring good people to come out of the shadows than he is about scaring bad guys back into them. He’s not really a figure of intimidation so much as he is this broad almost international figure of bravery. And he says I’m going to fight these incredibly abstract huge monstrous things in the form of my villains so that you will go out and face the things that seem insurmountable to you,” said Snyder.

Like a lot of us, Snyder finds inspiration in comic book characters. And taking a usually “grim” one like Batman and turning into a symbol of hope is definitely something to have pride on.

Final Thoughts

“We’re trying to lead into stories that have to do with things that seem overwhelmingly scary, you know.  When it comes to plague or cyber warfare or cataclysm solipsism or all these different things that are much bigger than any of us could handle, Batman says ‘I’m going to show you.’  To fight this monster is the extension of those things so that you can take the real world baby steps towards approaching those problems without fear. So I hope that came through. Especially in Zero Year and afterward. Above all, honestly, you know, I hope people walk away seeing that we gave it our all. I gave it my all and every issue and you know that I tried to make it personal and fun at the same time. So I don’t know. It’s hard because I’m still in it. You know in my own way I still have some stories left, even if I’m not on the main books.  So it’s hard to kind of reflect when I’m still pushing through it,” said Snyder.

Without a doubt, no matter what his future with the character holds, Snyder has joined the pantheon of great Caped Crusader scribes. He can easily sit alongside Frank Miller, Dennis O’Neil, Grant Morrison, Chuck Dixon, Paul Dini and all the other great writers who have put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) to create some of the best superhero comics the world has known.

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