Scooby Apocalypse Sneak Peek & Thoughts

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The newest sneak peek of Scooby Apocalypse, DC’s reimagining of Scooby Doo, is out and it’s easy to see how the Mystery Gang has changed drastically from their original conception. Now, before I continue, I have to let it be known my thoughts on Mr. Doo and his affiliates. I never liked Scooby Doo. Not when I was a kid, not when I was a teenager, and especially as an adult, I…well, I didn’t like that dog and let’s leave it at that. Not even the hormonal depravity that was puberty made me want to watch those shows, and that’s saying a lot.

Scooby Apocalpyse
Credit: DC Comics

But, I like what I saw in the comic’s preview so far. I liked it a lot. In fact, I was laughing at all of the jokes in there, which is an incredible compliment to the writers, since I couldn’t stand the humor of the original series. Fred, who was my least favorite character and never felt a connection to, almost feels like my own doppelganger within the character interactions. Daphne has some personality to her and isn’t simply there to bring in fan boys. And…I liked Shaggy. I can’t believe I wrote those words. But it’s true, these guys made me like him. I appreciate how he wasn’t “like” in every sentence and he had a relaxed vibe to his character.

Scooby Apocalpyse
Credit: DC Comics

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Velma wasn’t given too much screen time, per se. So I can’t give a real honest impression for her. And I feel she’s going to become a exposition distributor, which can hamper chances of witty and funny dialogue. However, I could be mistaken. I mean they made Shaggy likeable, so anything’s possible at this point. No character’s integrity was compromised in their new incarnations,

When I first heard what DC was planning to do with Scooby Apocalypse and other Hanna-Barbera properties I had major reservations on how this was going to turn out. So to find myself enjoying the first couple of pages was a real treat.

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