Don't miss out on SCARLET WITCH #1, there is something special brewing in this book.

SCARLET WITCH #1 Is A Fresh Start With Tons Of Mystery

SCARLET WITCH #1 hits your local comic book shop today from Marvel Comics. The series is written by Steve Orlando, with art by Sara Pichelli, Elisabetta D’Amico is the inking assistant, Matthew Wilson drops the colors, and you will read Cory Petit’s letter work.

Orlando hits the ground running, setting up the series with mystery and intrigue. The final page is sure to make the Reddit boards crazy with theories and possibilities. But the concept of “The Last Door” emotionally ties the book to the reader. “When someone has nowhere else to go, they open The Last Door,” says Wanda. We all struggle with personal demons, and “The Last Door” magnifies hope. As Peter Parker was once a relatable character we could all see in ourselves, Wanda might come at the perfect time when everyone’s mental health could use a boost.


Pichelli’s art and Orlando’s story give the book an Edgar Allen Poe / Charlotte Brontë feel. A dark romance novel full of emotion and fear. The emotional spectrum can be felt through Pichelli’s art. She uses tight panels, so there is no mistaking what the characters are feeling. The action sequences are used sparingly, building tension as the reader waits for Wanda to erupt. Wilson’s color palette elevates the emotion on everyone’s face and provides a balance between the calm and intense moments of the story.

Petit’s letter work compliments the action and keeps the story in its proper lane of storytelling. This isn’t a blockbuster movie, heavy on CGI and special effects. SCARLET WITCH #1 is an emotional story with action, not the other way around.

SCARLET WITCH #1 is a must-buy, and I’m excited for the next issue.

THE SCARLET WITCH RETURNS! There is a door that appears only to those who need it most, who have no one else in the world to turn to. On the other side of this door is the witchcraft shop. Friend or foe, human or otherwise—if your need is great and your hope is gone, there you will meet the SCARLET WITCH! Wanda Maximoff is familiar with hitting rock bottom—and now that she’s finally found peace, she’s pledged all her power to help others who are languishing at their lowest. But when a woman falls through Wanda’s door with a terrifying story of a town gone mad, the Scarlet Witch will have to muster her wits and chaos magic to deal with an insidious threat! Comic powerhouses Steve Orlando (MARAUDERS; Midnighter) and Sara Pichelli (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN; SPIDER-MEN) join forces to open a groundbreaking new chapter in the Scarlet Witch’s history!

Enjoy a five-page preview below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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Don't miss out on SCARLET WITCH #1, there is something special brewing in this book. SCARLET WITCH #1 Is A Fresh Start With Tons Of Mystery