The story is back on track and a great read overall.

‘Satellite Falling’ #4 Makes Up For Lost Time

In the wake of last issue’s shocking death, Lilly and her team of aliens must infiltrate the enemy ship with one goal in mind: find Eva!


After a long delay due to a changing of the guard, Satellite Falling is finally back. When a book takes a long break, it’s usually important to make a come back with a phenomenal issue which will help everyone remember how good it was before the gap in time. This issue manages to pull off this feat gloriously by putting the main character through hell and high water.

Lilly just can’t catch a break this issue. After it’s revealed that someone did die last time (was totally banking on the “psyche gotcha” moment to happen), they raid the enemy ship. There, Lilly is able to confront Eva, who proceeds to give her an emotional punch to the gut no one would see coming. Meeting with an ex isn’t the most pleasant experience but writer Steve Horton really sells it as being shear torture. Really makes you want to know what is going to happen next in this series.


Satellite Falling


There two sets of art teams who worked on this book. Though Stephen Thompson penciled the whole thing he inked only the first part of the book with Lisa Jackson doing color works. The later half would have Austin Janowsky on inks and Alex Lozano on colors. The art shift between the two teams is noticeable. Not bad but it does stand out. You can’t tell at first but as the issue goes on it starts to stand out more. This is still a very impressive display of art and it will be interesting to see the how the team handles a full issue.


Good to have this series back. It still remains a powerful bit of human drama mixed in with some very interesting science fiction elements. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t take so long for the next issue to come out.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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The story is back on track and a great read overall. 'Satellite Falling' #4 Makes Up For Lost Time