It's coming to an end and it has been a glorious ride.
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‘Samurai Jack’ Prepares For The End

Jack’s worst fear comes true when he faces off against Aku, and the demon makes a shocking discovery about Ashi that puts her in grave danger.

Jack just can’t catch a break. Just as it seems like he will be able to find happiness with Ashi, his mission calls him back. Seriously, the pair is one of the most adorable couples to come along in a while. Of course given what happens in this episode, it’s starting to feel like Jack may never get a happy ending.

By the look of things Jack is up a creek without a paddle. As Aku and Jack meet for the first time in awhile it becomes clear Aku will be defeated with a few sword swings. Unfortunately, Aku is ever the trickster and finds a new way to make Jack feel pain. His journey has been long and he doesn’t deserve to have such a soul shattering encounter. Of course by doing so the show finds a new way to pick up the intensity and prepare for the series finale.


This episode also finds a way to remind us of how any who thought the quality would diminish was fooling themselves. The team is proving themselves to be masters of animation. Every time you think they have run out of ideas for how they can blow the audience away in their final season they do it. This episode is no exception, but with it being the last one before the season finale there will be no spoilers. Just check it out for yourself.

There is only one more episode in the season. Samurai Jack has experienced more hardships than some heroes experience in their entire careers. As the final episode draws near, all we can say is…“No! Stop! Don’t take this glorious creation away from us! We need more!”

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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It's coming to an end and it has been a glorious ride.'Samurai Jack' Prepares For The End