A decent episode but it more feels like the series should be focusing more on working towards the final ending.
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‘Samurai Jack’ Has His First Date in Season Five

The burgeoning relationship between Samurai Jack and Ashi takes an unexpected turn after they find themselves hunted by one of the galaxy’s deadliest creatures.

After getting his sword back last episode, Samurai Jack isn’t exactly heading in a beeline towards Aku. Instead, he and Ashi essentially go on a date. Yes, straight out of a romantic comedy, the two have a weird meal, share awkward glances and touches, and even have a moment where they each don a version of Jack’s classic straw hats. It is adorable at times because you know neither character has any real experience when it comes to relationships and its all new to each other. At the same time, you find yourself screaming at the screen: “Just kiss already!”

The other main element of this episode is the pair fighting off an escaped space prisoner. It’s an intriguing creature and there is a lot of good animation but it feels more like a generic “monster of the week” more than a credible threat. With it being so close to the ending, stories like this seem unnecessary but Jack and Ashi did need somewhere to go to enjoy their date. .


Despite the redeeming elements of this episode, it is a little light on the overall plot. With only two episodes left it feels more like the creators should be working towards a final confrontation with Aku and trying to sort out the craziness with explaining the implications of Jack returning to the past. There is a lot of cause and effect from him changing the past which would need to be addressed. Unless of course the ending doesn’t result involve time travel but such an ending would seem counterproductive from the mission statement of the entire series of getting back to the past and preventing the world of Aku.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A decent episode but it more feels like the series should be focusing more on working towards the final ending. 'Samurai Jack' Has His First Date in Season Five