Sacrifice #2 Boy Meets Girl, Girl Kills Everyone

Cliff Chiang Draws the Alternate Cover for Sacrifice #2


Sacrifice #2

Story By: Sam Humphries

Art By: Dalton Rose

Review Score: 7.5/10

Once again Sam Humphries starts this issue with a flashback of a young Hector pretending to be an Aztec warrior as a kid playing with his brother and taking things a bit too far. Hector’s mother tells him he not to play so rough and his response “It was just pretend ” carries us into the present …which is actually the past . You see Hector has seizures , and it just so happens that his latest seizure has brought him back in time to the Ancient Aztec civilizations his father read to him about all of those years as a child. If that seems like a lot to explain it is , but Sam Humphries did a great job last issue explaining how Hector got where he is. He lets this issue take place primarily in Mexico with Hector in the middle of two warring Aztec Tribes.

Dalton Rose flexes his storytelling muscles and stages an intense and elaborate fight sequence that is very dynamic and brutal. The Tribe Hector is fighting alongside ends up victorious and take their prisoners with them to be sacrificed tomorrow. One of the prisoners is the Princess of their Rival tribe and Hector is tasked with having to execute her the following day.

Sam Humphries takes some time to explain the history of the warring Tribes and why they are at odds to Hector which he interlaced over Hector being told the same story by his father, but  his father wasn’t able to give him the whole story which the Elder manages to explain to him.

As with most things in Hector’s life , he feels not in control of his situation and decides to not go through with the execution . This leads to an escape sequence with Hector and the Princess fleeing from imminent death. Hector seems to recognize this girl from his future and decides the best course of action is to leave with her, however Humphries closes the issue out explaining to us what that the princess was responsible for ultimately leading the Conquistadors into Mexico , thus leading to the end of the Aztec Empire.

This issue does a lot of things right , the art is crisp , bright and is unique , and the story thus far is interesting. However I hope things pick up next issue and we see how Hector’s decisions in the past affect him in the future . So far a pretty interesting and cool take on material we don’t usually see in comics.

Mike DeVivo

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