‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9 Episode 4 Review: Good Morning & Good Bye

Rupaul’s Drag Race Says Good Morning Bitches And Good Bye To Charlie

The fourth episode of this season really proves this is not ‘Rupaul’s Best Friend Race‘. Some serious shade is thrown and the queens have one of the most awkward celebrity interactions in Drag Race history. Stumbling slightly after the grandiose premiere, ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race‘ is finding its footing and the race feels like its finally on!

Picking up in the work room after Kimora Blac’s elimination, the queens begin to discuss Valentina. If you watched last week’s episode of ‘Untucked‘, you know things were heated between Aja and Valentina. This episode continued that but Valentina keeps shaking off the hate. It’s genuinely funny to watch people attempt to get under the flawless skin of Valentina; their efforts can’t knocked that smile. The feud seemingly gets squashed during the episode but it can always be rekindled later.

Where one drama ends, another begins. Or in this case, keeps getting more intense. Trinity Taylor and Eureka O’Hara know each other from outside the show and brought some of that history into the competition. It was a slow burn but things go in overdrive. It started on this week’s main show but carried over on ‘Untucked‘. Is Trinity regretting that Eureka was on her team now? Who knows but it was damn good television.

“No. You’re done because Imma tell you why you’re done”
-Trinity Taylor

The queens were split into groups for the main challenge. Group challenges this early in the show get to help showcase queens that need screen time going into the later half of the season. Also, I’m glad to see the return of the News/Talk Show challenge.

The teams for the episode were Shea Couleé, Sasha Velour, Farrah Moan, Alexis Michelle, Valentina, and Aja on “Good Morning Bitches”. For the show “Not On Today” was Eureka O’ Hara, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, Trinity Taylor, Peppermint, Charlie Hides, and Cynthia Lee.


Shea Couleé and Sasha Velour both excelled on their team with a hilarious sexual food segment. They needed this attention because neither was bringing it in the challenges before. In the end, this was probably the only laugh-out-loud moment of the episode so a win feels deserved. No one from their “Good Morning Bitches” team tanked but wasn’t a memorable appearance from anyone else.

There was some laughs during the “Not On Today” segment but it was more laughing at them, instead of with them. Peppermint and Charlie Hides flubbed many of their lines and never recovered. At least when Cynthia Lee Fontaine messes up, it’s comedy gold. It’s worked for Sofia Vergara for this long and Cynthia’s gonna ride that cucu to the bank. Also on their team was Eureka and Nina trying to keep things afloat. Their segment turned out pretty funny and showcased that Eureka can be funny…when she isn’t playing the “villain”.

On the runway, I expected the theme to be “Naughty Nineties” when Rupaul first announced it. There was a misunderstanding as the queens showed off their “Naughty Nighties” in a lingerie-filled runway. Most of the looks were polished and fairly seductive, while there was some more sexier ones presented. The standouts to me being Valentina, Charlie Hides, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, and Trinity Taylor.

Not surprisingly, Shea Couleé and Sasha Velour won the challenge. Their entire team was safe so it was down to someone from “Not On Today” being eliminated. That was fair as the majority of “Good Morning Bitches” did well and the majority of “Not On Today” bombed. In one of the more shocking moves this episode, Rupaul asks the bottom queens who they think should go on. Usually this comes up in a later episode but this unleashed a pretty heated confrontation between Eureka and Trinity.

The bottom 3 was Charlie Hides, Trinity Taylor, and Peppermint. It turns out that Trinity and Charlie were lip-syncing against each other. Based on the challenge and runway, many expected to see Peppermint in the bottom. Trinity taking the blame as group leader ended up putting her in the bottom but she was prepared to battle. Sadly, Charlie wasn’t as ready. Charlie basically gave up, due to not being used to lip-syncing. That cop out answer and nothing performance was enough to send her home.

Did you enjoy the episode? What is your prediction for the next elimination?

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