More substance than one would think and become incredibly entertaining in the end.
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‘Room For Ruby’ Is A Surprise For Steven Universe

The Gem Family Grows

Spoiler Alert

It’s hard to talk about this episode without going into Spoiler territory. It takes a twist at the end which many probably didn’t see coming.


Room for Ruby episode opens with return of Navy. She was one of the rogue rubies which came to find Jasper. From there though the episode takes a very interesting bit of turns until cheery disposition Navy ends up betraying the team. It’s a moment which really catches you off by surprise. It seemed for most of the episode like Peridot and Lapis were about ready to get a new roommate at the barn.

This will have many repercussions for story from here on. The lose of the spaceship which means there will no more travel to distant worlds like with Greg’s rescue a few episodes ago. This is a shame because more adventures in space would have been awesome and could have shown more Gem installations in the solar system.

Navy is more than likely going to gather her team who are drifting in space. From there, there are two major possibilities. First they could return and try and to defeat the crystal gems on their own. This would result in a more comical episode as they would probably get defeated easily. Second they report to Homeworld what happened and get reinforcements. This would probably be the more likely scenario as it will finally let Homeworld know the danger of the Crystal Gems.

A funny episode which could have simply been a bit of comedy turned out to have ramifications for the team and for the series from here on. It might make Steven think twice before trusting another gem who shows up out of nowhere from home world. Of course he probably will anyways as he’s such a trusting young soul.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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More substance than one would think and become incredibly entertaining in the end. 'Room For Ruby' Is A Surprise For Steven Universe