Rocksteady Releases Trailer for Batman VR

Video game studio Rocksteady today released a teaser trailer for a new Batman video game. This will be a PS4 exclusive, utilizing virtual reality technology. Allowing the player to immerse further into the world of the Dark Knight of Gotham. The title is Batman Arkahm VR, and is in an art style similar to the previously concluded Arkham series.

Little information is out on the story, but there is a high indication  the Joker will play a major role. The plot will be a story driven murder mystery, allowing actual detective work over constant fighting.

Given Batman’s reputation as the World’s Greatest Detective, I personally find this welcoming news. Despite his fighting prowess, his intelligence defines much of who he is and why he walks this turbulent path.

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Until the official PSVR release, there is no word on if this game will be in its own continuity, or if it is in the previous Arkham world by Rocksteady. Though I’d put good money on it not being a follow-up to Arkham Knight.

In conjunction with Telltale’s take on the Batman mythos, it will be very interesting to see the dichotomy of their respective interpretations. Especially since both companies are focusing less on action and more on story and critical thinking. How either company will approach this concept will definitely be on the minds of many fans.

Rocksteady plans to release the game in October of this year.



Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
A post-grad history buff who is addicted to comics and books, and lover of anything with the words "ice" and "cream" in it. I've been a huge Batman fan since I can remember, and have come to appreciate sequential art as literature and entertainment. Also I have a soft spot for dogs. Just saying.