‘Rick and Morty’s’ Impressive Fan Music

‘Rick and Morty’ is a force.  It’s such a force that fans are rabid for more content.  I never knew the scope or the brilliance of this show, until I saw tons of ‘Rick and Morty’ cosplayers at New York Comic Con.  That’s what spurred into watching the show on Adult Swim’s official website for it.  I ended up completing both seasons within a day, and have since seen every episode four to five times.  The show is so imaginative, the spoofs are hilarious, the characters are extremely well-developed, and it has only left me and millions of other pinning for more.  Season 3 isn’t coming anytime soon, and while it’s a painful realization, I only want the creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the writers, and the animators to produce quality work no matter how long it takes.  Also, ‘Rick and Morty’ has breached out in other medium and excelled in them.  Oni Press has developed an award winning comic book, and there is an extraordinarily fun mobile video game called “Pocket Mortys,” which is a rick-tastic rip-off of Pokemon. You can actually read more about the excellence of these offshoots HERE from me on our partner website ComicsVerse.

Where does music come into play?  Well, the show samples amazing tracks according to the tone. For more serious stuff (kind of) they go with musicians like: CHAOS CHAOSElliot Smith, and Gerry Rafferty, for ridiculous material they have tracks from DMX, and Splack Pack., and of course they have original music “Get Schwifty”“Head Bent Over”, and my personal favorite “Goodbye Moonman.”

Fans have responded by remixing songs, covering them, or even making full concept albums.  Here are three fan made interpretations that I found to be the most creative and well put together:

First, this Pop-Punk cover called “TINY RICK” by NateWantsToBattle:



Second, comes an original piece inspired by superfan musician/comedian Allie Goertz.  She in fact made a full album that sambles glorious quotes from ‘Rick and Morty’ called “Sad Dance Songs.”



And last, but not least comes this remix:




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