‘Rick and Morty’ Welcomes You to Froopyland in ‘The ABCs of Beth’

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours."

Last week, fans were treated to the fun, yet simplistic Rick and Morty episode Morty’s Mind Blowers. While not a game-changer that previous Season 3 episodes have been, it took the clip show format and turned it on its head the only way Rick and Morty could. This week, it’s a Rick and Beth on a whirlwind adventure in The ABCs of Beth.

In The ABCs of Beth, Rick created a very real, imaginary world named Froopyland for Beth to play around in as a child while Rick went on his interdimensional adventures. As it turns out Beth’s childhood friend Tommy has been trapped in Froopyland for decades, and procreated with the creatures of the land, claiming himself king.

There was also the side story with Morty and Summer, spending the day with Jerry before a custody hearing. He’s living with, and love with a blue-skinned, triple-breasted alien huntress. Things don’t turn out so well for the three of them when Jerry decides to call it off with her.

Froopyland turns out to be way more than a playground for Beth. Without giving anything away, Beth is way more like her father than anyone could have ever fathomed.

In the previous episode, Morty’s Mind Blowers, Morty uncovers a truth about Rick manipulating his life by erasing traumatizing memories. In The ABC’s of Beth, it’s Beth who finds out that her father has been manipulating her since she was little. The consequences of which leave her world turned completely upside-down. What she actually chooses to do with this bit of information remains to be seen.

In the end, The ABCs of Beth leaves viewers with a debate topic that may never get answered. That’s just how much Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland love to mess with the fans of the show.

The existential question this episode of Rick and Morty asks its viewers – do we embrace who we really are? Or do we run from it?

Some Random Highlights

“Whatever you say, Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

“Am I evil?”
“Worse, you’re smart.”

“A whip that forces people to like you. Invisibility cuffs. A parent trap. A lightning gun. A teddy bear with anatomically correct innards. Night vision googly-eye glasses. Sound erasing sneakers. False fingerprints. Fall asleep darts. A lie-detecting doll. An indestructible baseball bat. A taser shaped like a ladybug. A fake police badge. Location tracking stickers. Rainbow colored duct tape. Mind-controlling hair clip. Poison gum. A pink, sentient switchblade.”

Final thoughts

Did Beth do it???

Here’s a preview for the (sniff sniff) season finale of Rick and MortyThe Rickchurian Mortydate, which we completely missed the mark on in regards to the plot. Enjoy!

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