Rick and Morty Returns July 26th!

Rick and Morty, the twisted comedy series is making its return July 26th, and we are pumped up to see our favorite sci fi adventurers again. We’re expecting to see the same disgusting, messed up, twisted humor that made the first season such a delight. And from the trailer below we can tell that the alcoholic (but brilliant) Rick, and the overly anxious Morty are going to deliver in all the wrong ways.


As we can see from the trailer, the show still has it’s great sense of dark humor, action, and science fiction mumbo jumbo that we love to see. But, there are some noticeable changes that peak our interest. Morty’s flying the trash saucer, Summer seems to be in more of Rick’s insane adventures, Jerry and Beth are still trying to keep their family stable, and there’s plenty of inter-dimensional bizarreness that made the first season so great.

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The only scientific conundrum we’re dealing with right now is trying to figure out how the hell we’re supposed to wait for twenty six days for this show to come back. There are so many questions that we have racing through our minds from what the second season of Rick and Morty will hold!

Will we find out more about Rick’s mysterious past? Will Morty ever get the courage to ask his long time crush Jessica out? Will Jerry finally get some respect?… Probably not. But, we’re only going to find out July 26th when we see what creators Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon have in store for the second season of Rick and Morty. It’s going to be off the hook glib globs!

Nick Enquist
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