Revival #1 Seeley and Norton’s Surburban Noir Comic Shows Promise

Revival #1

Story By: Tim Seeley

Art By: Mike Norton

Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s Revival is an interesting take on small Suburban life. The issue starts with a creative writing exercise by one of the main characters of the story. Thats followed by a Zorse (yes you read that right Zebra + Horse equals Zorse) that gallops out of a forest spewing blood from its mouth as it finally falls over and the ground work has been laid that something bad is on its way towards Wisconsin. The main focus this issue is on Dana. She works along her father as a police officer and has an estranged relationship with her younger sister. Seeley injects a lot of humor and character into Dana immediately as she gets ready for work and calls out to her son. That sequence is the first bit of weird that’s injected into the issue.

We follow Dana to Police Headquarters and learn that there was an Event called Revival Day that happened a while back. The Revival Day has given random people the ability to live on after Death. This has caused a religious and cultural uproar in Wisconsin and all across America. Dana’s father puts her in charge of the new task force overseeing Revival Cases and sends Dana on her first case. Which you may have guessed involves that Zorse I spoke of earlier.

Mike Norton’s art gets progressively better as the issue unfolds and overall is a very good fit for the book. He gives his characters a large array of emotions and when the script calls for something gruesome or picks up in action he manages to handle anything thrown his way. There is a particular sequence at the end of the issue that will have you cringing. All the while excited to read on to see how the rest of the scene plays out. His layouts are fun and never get messy or confusing as the story unfolds.

Two thirds through this issue I liked what I was reading and then Seeley throws a curve ball my way that instantly got me to love it. He manages to grab you until the end of the issue and never let’s go. As I said earlier there are some truly frightening scenes as well as a shocking ending that justifies wanting to pick up the next issue nicely. This Wednesday go and check out Revival its a book with small beginnings that I believe may lead to one hell of a fun ride for issues to come.

Review Score: 8/10

Mike DeVivo

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