Review:Mega Man #10 – Mega Man does his best Charles Bronson Impression

Mega Man #10

Story By: Ian Flynn

Art By: Ben Bates

Review Score: 7/10

Mega Man starts out this issue on the receiving end of a beat down from Quick Man who then teleports him to Heat Man’s level and tells him they will meet again. As per the video games Ian and artist Ben Bates do a fantastic job recreating the level design and enemies leading up to the Robot Masters themselves. This issue Mega Man faces Heat Man and Crash Man .

Fans familiar to Mega Man know that as he defeats a Robot Master he then gains their powers . Ian Flynn uses this as a plot device during the story . Each time Mega Man gains a new power his circuits become tainted and he starts progressively turning evil . Dr. Light realizes this and leaves to the lab to try to develop coding to combat Mega Mans decent into Evil. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see Mega Man flawed and destroying these robots Charles Bronson style . Its like he’s a hit man for hire and  the Robot Monsters are just poor dudes waiting for a beat down. Now while I find this funny the kids who read this book may not get whats happening but I tend to give our youth more credit than most .

Again each Robot has its own personality , in this issue Heat Man is lethargic and cynical , and Crash Man is Aggressive and Reckless. I enjoyed Ben Bates art this issue. It’s fast paced and he recreates a few scenes from Mega Man  2 that fans will appreciate . Colors are vivid and this is exactly the kind of art you would expect in a book like this .

Unexpectedly I’m still enjoying this book. This is definitely fun for kids and adults alike. Fans of the character and video games will continue to enjoy the amount of detail worked into each issue, everything from the power sets to the trade mark Biw Wip! sound when Mega Man teleports is there. Archie comics officially has another successful video game property on their hands .

Mike DeVivo

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